Hours of Business


Sunday to Saturday
11:30 a.m to 2.30 p.m


Sunday to Saturday
5:00 p.m onwards

Now all days open for Lunch & Dinner from March 14, 2016.

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Lunch Buffet

Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday Lunch Buffet for 13.95, Time: 11:30 to 2:30 pm

Mon-Fri Early Bird Special

Dine before 6 pm and get 10% discount

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Lunch Menu

Jaipur Grill & Lounge
Lunch Appetizer Specials
Veg Pakora - Cauliflower, potato, eggplant & onions crisp fried in spiced chick pea batter 4.25
Samosa - Crispy pastry filled with seasoned green peas & potatoes 2.95
Onion Bhajias - Sliced Spanish onions in spiced & crispy chick pea batter 4.25
Tandoori Wings - Marinated in ginger, garlic, lemon juice & exotic spices, cooked over charcoal 4.95
Hara Bhara Kabab - Deep fried Spinich & cottage cheese patties with nuts served with mint sauce 4.25
Business Lunch Specials
Chana Masala – Chick Peas cooked in a traditional Punjabi style with roasted spices 8.45
Daal Makhani – Black Lentils simmered overnight with light spices & tomatoes 8.45
Baingan Kashmiri – Diced Eggplant cooked with fennel seeds & tomatoes 9.45
Aloo Gobi – Cauliflower & potatoes tempered with ginger, turmeric & cumin 9.95
Vegetable Curry - Mixed vegetable cooked in exotic curry sauce 9.95
Mutter Paneer – Homemade cottage cheese & sweet peas in tomato onion masala sauce 10.45
Saag Paneer - Baby spinach sautéed and braised with homemade cottage cheese 10.45
Paneer Makhani - Cottage cheese in our world famous butter & fenugreek flavored tomato sauce 10.45
Chicken Makhani - Our world famous butter chicken in fenugreek flavoured tomato sauce 11.45
Chicken Tikka Masala - Spiced butter chicken with sautéed sweet peppers and onions 11.45
Saag Chicken - Curried breast of chicken cooked with chopped baby spinach 11.45
Chicken Vindaloo – Breast of chicken in firey hot sauce, cooked with potatoes 11.45
Lamb Kadahi Gosht – Leg of lamb roasted and simmered with spices, sweet pepper & tomatoes 12.45
Saag Lamb – Lamb masala cooked with our famous baby spinach 12.45
Lamb Vindaloo – Firey spiced leg of lamb cooked with potatoes. Traditionally a hot dish 12.45
Beef Rogan Josh - AAA Alberta beef cooked in Kashmiri style with cardamoms & cinnamon 12.45
Beef Vindaloo - Beef with potatoes in a fiery hot sauce of red chilies and vinegar 12.45
Shrimp Masala - Shrimp sautéed with ginger, garlic, green pepper, onions and tomatoes 12.45
Bombay Fish Curry - Grouper fillet cooked with authentic spices & finish with lemon 12.45
Fish Vindaloo - Grouper filet with potatoes in a fiery hot sauce of red chillies and vinegar 12.45
All above served with Salad, Raita, Basmati Rice & Naan
Seekh Kabab - Minced beef or chicken flavored with ginger, garlic mint & spices, cooked over charcoal served with cachumber salad, rice & raita 11.45
Cashew Salad with Chicken Tikka - Grilled chicken tikka served with organic greens with cashews and paneer tossed in tamarind vinaigrette 12.95

Lunch Combo

For One - Choice of One Appetizer, One Business Lunch & One dessert 17.95
For Two - Choice of Two Appetizers, Two Business Lunches & Two Dessert 34.45
For One - Choice of One Appetizer, One Business Lunch & One dessert 20.45
For Two - Choice of Two Appetizers, Two Business Lunches & Two Dessert 37.95
Mango Mousse - Alphanso mango puree whipped with Fresh cream All Natural Alphanso Mangoes from India 4.95
Chocolate Ice Cream - All Natural Chocolate Flavoured ice cream 4.95
Vanilla Ice Cream - All Natural Vanilla Flavoured ice cream 4.95
Side Orders
Pl Naan or Roti 2.65   Mango Chutney 2.95
Cachumber Salad 3.95   Yogurt Raita 2.95
Steamed Rice 2.95   Garlic or Onion Naan 3.45
Tropical Juices – Mango or Guava 3.25
Mango Milk Shake or Yogurt Lassi 3.25
Indian Chai – Tea simmered with ginger, cardamom and milk 3.25
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